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Hi supporters! thanks again for having 'stock' (so to speak) in my artist endeavors! I work FULL time getting content and music out to the world and unfortunately with the current state of the music industry artists are in fact... starving... I want to change that! Think about it this way. if I have 200 fans contribute 5 dollars I would get 1,000 a month. That's only a fraction of what recording costs and let alone rent! if you love what I do and get a lot out of it, these are some of the ways you can support me:

  • upping your membership tier to $25
  • buying merch
  • sharing my music or social media pages to friends that might like it
  • throw me a tip for live streams I do
  • book me at your house concerts or private parties (I travel!)
  • leave comments and show love and encouragement (hey, everyone needs it!)

Now that being said, I need to go shop for a car! Any of you have favorite cars that are great for camping and equipment?! I cant wait to get this show back on the road

Much love,

XX Rogo

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  •  JBOB
    Sara, this is a great idea. I will spread the word!

    Sara, this is a great idea. I will spread the word!

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