"Sarah Rogo Charms with Beautiful Blues" - California Rocker (CLICK TO VIEW)


“A masterful songwriter, with a whiskey-tinged voice to match her slide guitar playing and a commanding stage presence, even in a community that has spawned such luminaries as Jack Tempchin, Jason Mraz, Steve Poltz and Gregory Page, Rogo is a stand-out” San Diego News (CLICK TO VIEW)


”At the ripe age of 24 Rogo has the confidence of a seasoned performer and carries herself and her guitar with ease. Her voice is sweet and powerful and she plays the blues as if she’s channeling one of the originals, but as folklore tells us the old blues men sold their souls to the devil, but Rogo’s voice and sweet smile tell us she is more of a blues angel than anything else”Subba-Cultcha (CLICK TO VIEW)


“Her voice is both tough and tender, and often soars and hits the high notes. Onstage, Rogo’s demeanor is upbeat and energetic and her animated personality draws one in, and is very infectious”SoCalMusicToday (CLICK TO VIEW)


“Move over boys, Ms. Sarah Rogo is coming in fast and you may not be able to keep up with her tenacious slide guitar, but pay attention because she might just teach you something about the blues” Innocent Words (CLICK TO VIEW)