Meet Sarah Rogo

Rogo (Sarah Rogo) has been refining her craft and leaving a long-lasting impression on audiences
of all ages and musical backgrounds with her energetic and soulful performances. Claiming
the title as "Soulful Roots" she blends old blues, soul, and folk styles with a youthful twist.
She captivates audiences with her haunting slide guitar work and unique genre-defying
style. Authentic and soulful, she paints vivid pictures through sound and song. A captivating
dance between grit, beauty, and skill.
Rogo is a young, and gifted artist and it’s all reflected in her infectious live
performances, where her energy is contagious. Steeped in the eclectic mixes of traditional
music like blues, jazz, ragtime, klezmer, and classical, Rogo finds new ways to express
timeless emotions and feels.
“People ask me what I’m influenced by and I laugh because the answers feel so random to
them but so special to me" Rogo says. "I spent my childhood in the public library, where
stacks of CDs came home with me and opened my mind to a world outside my small
hometown. I also spent a lot of time with a neighborhood family from India. I quickly fell in
love with the culture and the music which influenced my style and writing."
Rogo immersed herself in jazz and classical orchestras on bassoon, saxophone, and clarinet,
claiming to be the "ultimate band geek." She became a young conductor and composed
music of different styles and types. "Growing up, my parents were never too much into music,
so it was my own special thing- I had no rules to follow or concepts of how it should be, so I
just ran with it and threw paint on the walls.”
In her late teens, Rogo was introduced to, apprenticed and performed with a group of blues
musicians that changed her life, guitarist Paul Rishell, who played with and learned from
Son House, and world-class harp player Annie Raines, along with country-blues acoustic
guitarist Woody Mann, a former student of the legendary Reverend Gary Davis. They
introduced her to artists like Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith,
Memphis Minnie, Led Zeppelin and then they took her out with them on tour and taught
her the survival tactics of life on the road.
As she gained momentum as a guitar player and songwriter, she moved to California to
pursue her life as a full-time musician. It didn’t take long for things to start to happen. Rogo
met her current manager, veteran Mike Lembo, at the Durango Songwriter Expo in Ventura,
CA, where they had an immediate connection. “Sarah’s fearless and talented, and I was
drawn to her personality without even hearing her play,” said Lembo. “When I heard her sing
and play guitar, I recognized an old soul. Undeniably, Sarah has what it takes to make it.”
Rogo signed a deal with Funzalo Records in 2018, and they quickly released “Live at
Lestat’s West” a collection of her original songs recorded live at Lestat’s in San Diego. Since
then, Rogo has shared the stage with artists Joe Bonamassa, Jimmie Vaughan, Larkin Poe,
and Jimmie Vivino to name a few and led her band in slots at festivals throughout the

She is set to release an acoustic studio album titled "Smoke and Water" in the late summer
of 2019. The acoustic album will be followed by a series of single song releases later this
year. Rogo's full studio album with co-writes and production by notable producer David
Ricketts (David and David, Toni Childs, Sheryl Crow, Meredith Brooks) is slated to be
released in 2020.
“The common thread in my writing is the dance between dark and light. I’ve learned to dance
with my demons in a healthy way. Life is inherently hard, and the music has shown me how to
navigate hardship and turn it into medicine."-- explains Rogo
“Smoke and Water” may be stripped-down but it’s also edgy and charismatic with a moody
but energizing mix of originals and uniquely twisted covers on classic songs like 'Voodoo
Child' and 'Jolene', while Rogo’s slide guitar and clarinet dance uniquely through the
progression of songs and set a mystical and refreshing twist to modern music.
In addition to performing, you can find Rogo lending her voice and passion to events like
Ted X, where she was recently a featured speaker and performer. 'When we listen deeply,
we can change the world. Sarah Rogo takes us through the story of the moment music made
her pay attention to the world outside her own. Her songs and guitar work thread through
this message for a captivating lesson"– said the Ted X producers. Rogo is more than an
artist; she is also an advocate who plans to use her platform to help create social awareness
and promote wellbeing and philosophy on art and health. Her newly launched podcast
“Alchemy Through Artistry” is an intimate and personal journey of her creative endeavors
and discoveries.



"Sarah Rogo Charms with Beautiful Blues" - California Rocker (CLICK TO VIEW)


“A masterful songwriter, with a whiskey-tinged voice to match her slide guitar playing and a commanding stage presence, even in a community that has spawned such luminaries as Jack Tempchin, Jason Mraz, Steve Poltz and Gregory Page, Rogo is a stand-out” San Diego News (CLICK TO VIEW)


”At the ripe age of 24 Rogo has the confidence of a seasoned performer and carries herself and her guitar with ease. Her voice is sweet and powerful and she plays the blues as if she’s channeling one of the originals, but as folklore tells us the old blues men sold their souls to the devil, but Rogo’s voice and sweet smile tell us she is more of a blues angel than anything else”Subba-Cultcha (CLICK TO VIEW)


“Her voice is both tough and tender, and often soars and hits the high notes. Onstage, Rogo’s demeanor is upbeat and energetic and her animated personality draws one in, and is very infectious”SoCalMusicToday (CLICK TO VIEW)


“Move over boys, Ms. Sarah Rogo is coming in fast and you may not be able to keep up with her tenacious slide guitar, but pay attention because she might just teach you something about the blues” Innocent Words (CLICK TO VIEW)